Comtrade’s Steven Valentine: A case for objective bonusing terms

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Regulatory attentiveness in 2017 held monumental bonusing based consequences for gaming operators in the UK, writes Steven Valentine, Director of Interactive at Comtrade Gaming. Whether it’s in the form of player acquisition, retention or re-engagement, it seems that the subjective nature of bonusing terms is no longer up to interpretation. According to the UKGC, trust in the gambling sector is …

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Scott Longley: Beyond the review, optimism for UK betting shops

Is the betting sector being too pessimistic about the long-term future prospects of retail betting? Should stakeholders welcome the disruption as a chance to reinvent retail betting’s overall proposition? Scott Longley gets the lowdown for SBC. The perils for land-based gambling enterprises in the UK were all too evident in the profit warning issued by bingo-to-casino operator Rank in early …

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There are no winners in a race to the bottom

Chris Murphy, Editor of SBC Americas, takes a look at some of the political infighting happening in the UK around FOBTs and suggests that the industry should be working with each other rather than against.  The fixed odds betting terminal. Crack cocaine of gambling or simply a misunderstood gambling prodigy? Whichever of those two you agree with, or perhaps it’s …

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Bricks vs Clicks: Why the gaming industry should never be divided

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Gaming market expert Ismail Vali has produced a short film about why the gaming industry should never be divided by Bricks vs Clicks. Upon releasing the film (see below or click here), Vali was asked about the trip that gave him the betting business bug, how online promotions have evolved by replicating a land-based focus on what he terms “The …

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David Clifton: Licensing Expert – Dealing with LCCP changes & Key Event reportings

4 April 2018 has seen changes to the Gambling Commission’s Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (“LCCP”) come into effect for UK licensed gambling operators. The up to date version of the LCCP is available on the Commission’s website, as too is an LCCP summary of the six key changes that have been made. Three of those changes relate to lotteries, …

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Twin Speaks: The mysterious data gap for females in iGaming

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The number of females in the workplace has become a major statistical consideration in most global corporations, yet there is still a mysterious data gap in the iGaming industry writes Line Peteri, Affiliate and Marketing Manager at The vast majority of iGaming companies have not disclosed their male to female ratios regarding employment and pay. Those who did so …

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Nathan Rothschild: iSport Genius – Sorting the men from the boys at Russia 2018

Nathan Rothschild, partner and co-founder at iSport Genius, looks into the data challenges that face operators and punters alike at the upcoming World Cup. With the tournament taking place in a new country and with historical head-to-head data somewhat limited, advanced methodologies are needed to factor in the new elements and ensure that no data goes to waste. ___________________ We …

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David Clifton: Licensing Expert – No surprises from UKGC’s review of online gambling

It can surely have come as no surprise that, after all that has happened in recent months, the Gambling Commission has announced proposals designed to provide greater protections for children, reduce problem gambling risks to vulnerable customers and act on its long-held perception that operators have not been doing enough to properly know their customers and to intervene at an …

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Winning Post: Match-fixing allegations rock Albanian football

Regulus Partners, the strategic consultancy focused on international gambling and related industries, gives an insight into some of the key developments in the gambling industry as part of its ‘Winning Post’ column. GB: horseracing – barriers belong on the course only… A week since the Cheltenham Festival concluded. Better to let the dust settle before drawing significant conclusions. However, some important …

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Suren Khachatryan: Digitain – The Eastern Promise of World Cup 2018

Suren Khachatryan, Chief Executive of Digitain, details to SBC readers and #bofcon2018 delegates why Russia 2018 will be a challenge for all industry operators. A key stakeholder in CIS betting, for Khachatryan World Cup 2018 further holds a personal connection for Digitain operations… ———————– The Betting on Football Conference (#bofcon2018) and World Cup 2018 complement each other and like Butch Cassidy …

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