President Adam Barrow issues Executive Order to open Gambian gambling market

Gambia President Adam Barrow has issued an executive order which will end the ban on Gambian gambling services for lotteries, casino and sports betting activities.

Barrow who won the 2016 Gambia National Election and assumed the official Presidency this January, wants to turn Gambia into the leading West Africa business/commerce hub, liberalising the country’s services and trade.

Since 2015 Gambia has been under a blanket gambling ban imposed by former President Yahya Jammeh of the Patriotic Alliance government.

Imposing the gambling ban Jammeh stated that Gambia should not follow the trend of other African nations by allowing gambling services which would exploit the nation’s workforce and welfare.

Furthermore, Jammeh ordered the Gambia police and military to take steep action on criminal gangs offering betting services and Gambian civilians who participated in gambling activities.

Winning the 2016 Gambia National Election as an independent candidate, Adam Barrow’s mandate seeks to modernise the nation’s economy. Barrow has stated that he will seek to have Gambia reinstated within the Commonwealth of Nations.

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