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Founded in 2006, Golden Race has become one of the gambling industry’s leading virtual sports betting software and technology providers servicing over 8,000 international licensees.

Headquartered in Malta with studio offices in Spain, Golden Race has been at the forefront of Virtual Games development providing its customers with leading high-definition VR content and easy-to-integrate systems.

Recent VR game launches, have seen Golden Race release enhanced 3D Soccer, HD MMA fighting, virtual tennis and kart racing.

Golden Race offers 24-hours per day/7-days per week support in English, German, Spanish, and Russian.

For a detailed overview on Golden Race services, products and management, please continue to read the below information.

Key Products

  • Virtual Football: Virtual football is growing in popularity by the day, and Golden Race is ahead of the curve. 3D Virtual Football offers state-of-the-art simulations of the game. With high quality 3D graphics, advanced AI, and regularly updated team and player statistics, players will have the thrill of the real game every 5 minutes!
  • Real Fighting : MMA-based, real video action featuring 16 professional fighters in intense 5 round combats across 3 fantasy themed fighting stages. Real Fighting, 24/7. Real Fighting comes with realistic odds crafted by our bookmakers for the ultimate virtual fighting experience!
  • Live Lotto – Studio based 24 hour live lotto and keno based gaming with draws every 5 minutes. Golden Race tailored broadcast for operator needs and convenience to meet local consumer demands.
  • Pre-Recorded-Odds: Marketing leading pre-set fixed odds VR content offering betting operators greater game control. VR content includes pre-recorded games for greyhound racing, horse racing, speedway and bike racing.

Key Personnel

Martin Wachter – Founder & CEO

A ten-year gambling industry veteran Martin Wachter has been leading Golden Race’s rapid commercial and international expansion since 2005, pushing the company to be at the forefront of VR gaming development.  Wachter leads Golden Race day-to-day governance and executive initiatives.

Alberto Garcia-Baquero Vega – CTO

 Joining in 2012, Alberto has led the technical development of implementation of Golden Race international licenses and VR partnerships. Alberto is an expert in VR innovation and product strategy, focusing on delivering custom solutions for operator’s multi-channel needs.

Rene Wachter – Head of Sales

A key team member Rene is responsible for commercial and sales initiatives and strategy of Golden Race solutions and content. Part of Golden Race’s commercial development since 2012 Rene has handled negotiations and partnership development with multiple international clients.

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