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enetpulse monitors thousands of sporting events around the world 24/7 and ensure the timely delivery of live score updates, results and statistics via hosted solutions and sports data feeds.

With 15 years on the market, 30+ sports in our portfolio and over 200 clients globally, Enetpulse is a highly trusted and reliable provider to sports betting companies worldwide. The firm has dedicated content and development teams located across the world to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy of data across time zones and in multiple languages.

enetpulse has recently launched its brand new live betting data service (scouting feed) for football (soccer) called Enetpulse InPlay. The initial focus is matches from leagues not covered by other in-play data suppliers allowing businesses to get more in-play action around the clock with its unique match coverage across all timezones worldwide. It currently offers a minimum of 2,000 matches per month and coverage keeps growing.


  • Football Live Betting Data:  Enetpulse is pleased to announce its entry as a provider of Football Live Betting Data service towards the sports betting industry with Enetpulse InPlay.  Its main aim is to provide bookmakers with more in-play football events which are not currently covered by other providers.  A team of scouting experts has carefully hand-picked football leagues across several time zones to ensure unique, quality match coverage around the clock covering all continents worldwide.
    Via an extensive network of stadium reporters the firm can offer a minimum of 2,000 matches per month directly from the stadium and coverage keeps growing every month. Further to this, the Enetpulse in-play service offers complete match administration, including bet suspension, re-opening, danger, safe signals, and more. On top of that the Enetpulse live betting product includes extended in-play information which will provide lower bet delays, as well as market creation and fast settlement.
  • Sports Data Feeds and Widgets: Enetpulse supplies leading operators in the sports betting industry with quality sports data solutions for both front- and backend purposes, such as market creation and settlement data, in-play scoreboards, head2head stats, analysis data, and much more. Its sports data can be obtained through continuous delivery of XML data or as fully hosted, pre-built modules (widgets) in responsive design, which are easy to embed anywhere on a chosen platform.
  • Performance Stats: Enetpulse tracks team and player performances across all of Football’s top leagues through a huge database of stats. Its Performance Stats product is ideal for bet stimulation and analysis including highly betting relevant data such as team and player averages, market specific stats, streaks, disciplinary stats, and many more. This makes Performance Stats the ideal front-end tool to encourage increased betting activity from customers.


  • Simon Skarsholm COO
  • Kristoffer Johansen -Head of Sales -
  • Jesper Kamp Business Development Manager -
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