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SpiffX was established in November 2012 and has, since its inception, strived to be the leading alternative betting exchange. operates a marketplace ( for professional users and traders to manage price and risk strategies dealing with odds. The products can be used as a useful hedging tool for those within the industry, as well as providing opportunities for traders to speculate on odds’ movements. Spiffx is regulated and operates under a Class 3 license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority on the 26th April 2013. SpiffX AB is traded on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm since April 2015.

SpiffX offers two different products, the ‘SpiffIndex’ and the ‘Darkpool’. Spiffx also offers easy API Integration which facilitates automated trading and helps players to trade better and more efficiently.

Key  Products

  • SpiffIndex – This is the innovative product that sets SpiffX as the alternative betting exchange. Here users predict the outcome of a match as usual, but also predict whether the odds (price) will move under or over the market price (also known as the SpiffIndex). Both outcomes need to be met for the player to win, but there’s an added bonus. The user’s stake is multiplied by the number of points the SpiffIndex has moved from the buying price. So, for example, a user stakes €1,000 on Manchester United to win and the price to move over 2.00. If the index has moved up to 2.02 then that stake becomes €2,000! This product can be used to price hedge/secure an already taken bet or it can be used to speculate in odds’ movement. Players can also act as a market maker and put their own prices (sell) with reversed earnings.
  • Darkpool – The Darkpool works like a traditional betting exchange, offering users the chance to back and lay selections on popular football matches. The innovation here is that the Darkpool charges a monthly transaction fee of 0,10% on matched orders, rather than charging commission on net winnings. This guarantees players the best net price. Another important feature is the hidden order depth. The player’s orders will not be displayed for other customers to see, thus helping players to keep their strategies uncovered.

Key Personnel

Tobias Fagerlund – CEO

Tobias came on board in 2014. An executive with a proven management track-record, he has co-ordinated numerous projects and successfully managed fast growing international organisations. His experience in the industry goes back over than 10 years enriching him with a wealth of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the online gaming industry. His entrepreneurial mindset is a true asset to SpiffX.

Martin Fransson – Founder

Business analyst/developer with excellent understanding of the odds trading business. Martin was educated at the Stockholm School of Economics and was former sales director at payment company Netgiro Systems responsible for the online gaming segment.

Claudia Farrugia – Operations Manager

Claudia heads the Malta operations. With 10 years experience in the gaming industry, particularly in compliance and licensing processes, she has the right knowledge to manage the Malta team. Her studies also specialise in remote gaming regulations, giving her a good background of the current gaming environment.

Contact Information
Phone: +356 99900166